Bridge Teachers for Youth

     Beginning Bridge Outline

a.     Teaching Youth Bridge PDF

b.     Presentation To Educators and Schools PDF

c.     Continuing Education Seminar for Teachers of Youth PDF

d.     Workshop Presentation PDF

     'Bridge:  A Path to Math' has been Released!

a.     Entire Book PDF

1.     Week One PDF
2.     Week Two PDF
3.     Week Three PDF
4.     Week Four PDF
5.     Week Five PDF
6.     Week Six PDF
7.     Week Seven PDF
8.     Week Eight PDF
9.     Week Nine PDF

     ACBL School Bridge Lesson Program

a.     Kitty Cooper

b.     Donna Compton

     School Bridge League Classroom Curriculum

a.     Teachers resources

     School Bridge League After-Class and Summer Camp Curriculum

a.     Summer Camp Curriculum and Notes PDF

b.     Using the Summer Camp Curriculum for After-School and Club Efforts PDF

     Bridge At School - Register at this free site and you can download their curriculums at no charge

a.     Bridge At School


a.     Lesson # 1 Magic '13' PDF

b.     Lesson # 2 Counting High Card Points PDF

c.     Lesson # 3 Book, Contract and Scoring PDF

d.     Lesson # 4 Scoring and Points PDF

     Learn to Play Bridge Software

     Hand Outs

     Hilton Head Junior Bridge Lessons

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